Dave chats with Mark Wells about the Glover prize Australia’s most prestigious landscape art prize, the Glover Prize, this year  won by Halinka Orszulok  an Australian artist based in Jamberoo, New South Wales.

Orszulok’s work, titled ‘Ponies’, depicts a whimsical vista of the Cataract Gorge at night replete with the juxtaposition of a landscape in darkness and resting children’s play ponies casting ominously long shadows in the artificial light.

Orszulok is a first-time entrant of the Glover Prize. She has won $50,000 and a bronze maquette of colonial artist, John Glover, after whom the Glover Prize is named.

Speaking about her winning artwork, Ms Orszulok said ‘Ponies’ represents night-time environments that are contradictory, ambiguous, and often unacknowledged; like the unhomely home or landscape that belongs to neither nature nor culture.

“The inspiration for the painting is the playground at the Cataract Gorge in Launceston; an intersection of nature, culture, and history. A natural playground, it echoes romantic ideas about the role of nature and the sublime; and represents a counterpoint to the ills of modern society. It could be said that the complexities of our human-centric and historically entrenched relationship to the natural world are in some way expressed here, and mirror tensions found in the greater landscape of Tasmania,

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