King’ of the Dad joke and well-loved Radio DJ Pete Graham joins Dave to talk about his new book.

Pete has recently released a new humour title: WELCOME TO DADSVILLE.


Dad jokes are in and of themselves an art form. The first step is that they have to be so bad they’re funny. They also have the sort of punchline that you should have saw coming but somehow didn’t. And they’re all a little embarrassing to laugh at. But hey, if everyone else is probably groaning, laughing or perhaps doing a bit of both at the same time, your goal has been achieved! Pete Graham is the ‘King’ of the Dad joke. Every day he posts a Dad joke on his Facebook page and brings a laugh to thousands of people. You could say that Pete resides in a permanent state of ‘Dadsville’. You can’t go wrong with a nice, healthy list of Dad jokes to put in your repertoire when it’s time for you to embarrass your children, impress your workmates or just make yourself chuckle.

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