Dr Penny Yarrow speaks with Dave  about sun safety on Healthy Living.

There are fears Australians have become complacent about sun protection, with new research from the Cancer Council revealing 2.7 million adults are getting sunburnt on weekends because many aren’t slipping on a shirt.

The number of adults getting sunburnt on weekends has steadily increased over the past seven years from 13 per cent to 17 per cent. Tasmania had the second highest proportion of adult weekend sunburn (21 per cent), followed by the ACT (19 per cent).

While the survey showed sunscreen use is on the rise, it also showed that fewer Aussies are using hats to protect themselves from the sun, and as a result, are getting sunburnt on their face, head, nose and ears.

As a pathologist, Dr Penny spends much of her time diagnosing skin cancers in the lab. While skin cancer diagnoses are most common in people over 50, she has also diagnosed many young adults.

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Dr Penny says that skin cancer is a multi-generational health issue, affecting grandparents, parents and even teenagers

Dr Penny Yarrow would love to chat with you about the following topics:

  • Why more Tasmanians are getting sunburnt in 2017
  • Myths about sun safety that may surprise you
  • The prevalence of skin cancer in Tasmania
  • How to protect the whole family from sun damage including teenagers, kids, parents.