November 14 is World Diabetes Day and alarming stats from Diabetes Australia show that almost 1 million Aussies have been diagnosed with diabetes, and 2 million Aussies are pre-diabetics.


But Nutrition and Fitness expert Mark Macdonald tells Dave we can reduce our chances of contracting Diabetes 2 by watching what and how we eat.


  • blood sugar isn’t a conversation for those only with diabetes
  • everyone, diabetic or not, needs to stabilise their blood sugar to fuel the body with the necessary energy to survive
  • though many people eat “healthily,” they fail to eat “correctly” and inadvertently spike and crash their blood sugar levels all day long!
  • every time someone is “starving” they have low blood sugar and every time someone is “stuffed” they have high blood sugar – the only difference is that diabetics may need the assistance of medication combined with solid nutrition to keep their blood sugar in balance
  • we should be eating PFC Every 3 to balance blood sugar levels – a combination of proteins, fats and carbs every three hours

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